Remembering Time is the premier source for quality mainsprings. We manufacture and install custom mainsprings for music boxes, antique phonographs, clocks and clockwork mechanisms/spring motors, instruments, mechanical toys, experiments, and inventions.

We manufacture springs to order only and do not stock ready-made springs. Our springs are made from the finest American C1095 Blued and Tempered clock spring steel with polished edges. We can supply open loop or riveted loop spring ends. Special ends are available when a sample or drawing is sent in for quotation. It is best if you send us your old spring as a sample.

We provide a service to remove the old spring, clean, inspect, and advise if the spring is SET (weak), and at that time we will advise whether a new mainspring is required. We then grease and load your original or new mainspring back into the barrel.

We also perform repairs to the barrel and arbor if they have been damaged.

Please contact us so we can work on getting the best fit for your needs.